Truly, Darkly, Deeply – Victoria Selman

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘Truly, Darkly, Deeply’ by Victoria Selman from the publisher Quercus Books through NetGalley, in return for my honest review. Thank you to the publisher for my copy. The expected publishing date is 07.07.22.

This mystery follows Sophie who with her mother moved to London when she was young.

Her mother starts seeing a man called (Matty) Matthew Melgren, and he soon becomes an important part of their lives.

Suddenly women start to go missing in the area, and bodies are being discovered; they realise they have a serial killer. After a long killing spree for the serial killer Matty is suspected and is charged and sentenced for these murders.

Twenty years later Sophie receives a letter from the prison asking her to visit Matty. It brings many memories back and she tries to work out what signs she may have missed.

Will she accept the request? Will she receive the answers she has been waiting for?

This book was an interesting read, seeing the lives of the family behind a possible serial killer and if there are clues that may have been missed at the time.

Even after reading I’m still not sure I quite know whether Matthew can be believed. His character is one that although charming, also seems quite arrogant.

I liked that you were taken into the past to go through all the moments that they shared as a family and the possible clues, so you could try and work out yourself what you believed.

Overall, an interesting Crime Mystery sharing the lives of the family behind a serial killer.

My Rating:

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ.5 /5

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