Circling Back to You – Julie Tieu

I received a proof copy of ‘Circling back to You’ by Julie Tieu from the publisher Harper360YA. The expected publishing date for Paperback 18.08.22, available on E-Book now.

This romance follows Cadence and her colleague Matt who both work at Prism Realty. Cadence is a number cruncher and Matt is a successful broker.

Cadence and Matt have a great co-worker relationship and are always joking around with each other, causing office rumours about the pair.

When both are sent on a business trip to their hometown, family complications start to get in the way of their business goals. The co-workers must not only find a way to succeed in work but explore their own relationship.

Will their business trip be successful? Will Cadence and Matt become more than co-workers?

This romance was lovely, and it was nice to see how the romance could blossom out of the office environment.

It had the awkward parts of the meeting the family, when they still don’t even know how they feel about each other. I these parts quite funny, as you could imagine how awkward it would be in that situation

It can get a bit steamy, but that all adds to the romance and how their relationship develops.

Overall, a lovely romance where love blossoms outside of the office.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜 /5

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