A Disaster in Three Acts – Kelsey Rodkey

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘A Disaster in Three Acts’ by Kelsey Rodkey from the publisher Harper360YA. The expected publishing date for Hardback 18.08.22, available on E-Book now.

This YA Romance follows Saine Sinclair as she prepares to start filming a documentary for her application entry for Temple University.

She decides to focus on a friend of her Mums, but when she pulls out of the Vice and Virtual competition, she was going to be filming she is forced to find a new subject.

 When she finds an ex-childhood friend is taking part, she tries to convince him to star in her documentary, but there is history between them, and to complicate things further her best friend is his ex.

Soon she starts to have feelings she wasn’t expecting, but difficulties in her relationship with her best friend make her doubt what they mean.

What do her feelings mean? Will she finish her documentary?

I liked how this story was split into three acts just as the name of the book suggests and goes with the theme of the documentary.

There were plenty of mistakes made by Saine but who doesn’t make mistakes, especially at her age of eighteen. Her character is one with determination, but she is also still dealing with a recent bereavement and the difficult thought of moving on.

There is a lovely side to the story too and it was really heart-warming to see the characters come together to make someone close to them happy.

Overall, a lovely YA romance where the filming of a documentary turns into more than expected.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜 /5

6 thoughts on “A Disaster in Three Acts – Kelsey Rodkey

  1. Nice review, Jenny. I think you’re right, characters do make mistakes, especially in YA. I sure made more than my share when I was young (and still do!)

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