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Weekly Catch Up: 04.09.22

Here is my weekly post each Sunday to catch up from the week before 😊.

I will be sharing what I have been up to, what I have read, am reading and what’s up next along with other weekly catch up news.

What I have been up to this week:

This week I’ve been trying to get back into the routine of working again, and I’m glad I got to work the first week at home as I think helped settle back in more slowly. I did take a couple of days off of reading this week to try and sort out my home page as it was starting to crash when ever I tried to open it. It seems to be loading better now, so hopefully this has now worked.

Reading wise, I have completed 2 books; 1 Blog Tour Book & 1 A-Z Challenge Book.

My Reading:


Currently Reading

The Idea of You – Robinne Lee

Available to Purchase Now

This is one of my A-Z Challenge reads, I will post my review ASAP.

The Creep Outside – Keith Wright

Available to Purchase Now

I will post my review as part of the blog tour 12.09.22.

The Santa Killer – Ross Greenwood

Expected Publishing Date 14.09.22

I will post my review on the publishing date.

Next To Read

Safe Word – Charlotte Barnes

Expected Publishing Date: 21.09.22

I will post my review as part of the blog tour 19.09.22.

I’m Not There – Rob Gittins

Expected Publishing Date 27.09.22

I will post my review as part of the blog tour 27.09.22.

Friends Don’t Lie – Nell Pattison

Expected Publishing Date 29.09.22

I will post my review a week before the publishing date.

Posts last Week:

πŸ’œ 29.08.22 – Review: Shadow of a Doubt – Michele Davies

πŸ’œ 30.08.22 – Debut Authors: 2022 Week #35 & Blog Tour Review: Let it Snow – Beth Moran

πŸ’œ 31.08.22 – New UK Book Releases: 2022 Week #35 & Blog Tour Review: Cousin Ash – S.E. Shepherd

πŸ’œ 01.09.22 – Review: The Night Watch – Neil Lancaster & Monthly Wrap Up: August 2022 & Publishing Date Post: HarperYA360

πŸ’œ 02.09.22 – Book Post & Other Book News: 02.09.22 & TBR: September 2022

πŸ’œ 03.09.22 – Free E-Books: 03.09.22

Planned Posts This Week:

πŸ’œ 05.09.22 – Review: Chains – Jon Richter & Review: DS Nikki Parekh Series Books 1-3 – Liz Mistry

πŸ’œ 06.09.22 – Debut Authors: 2022 Week #36 & Review: The Secret Drops of Paris & London – Susan Jane Denman

πŸ’œ 07.09.22 – New UK Book Releases: 2022 Week #36 & Blog Tour Review: Ten Years – Pernille Hughes

πŸ’œ 08.09.22 – Publishing Date: The Night Watch – Neil Lancaster & Review: You Can Stay – Elle Connell

πŸ’œ 09.09.22 – Book Post & Other Book News: 09.09.22

πŸ’œ 10.09.22 – Free E-Books: 10.09.22

πŸ’œ 11.09.22 – Weekly Catch Up: 11.09.22

Book Totals:

πŸ’œ Paperbacks/Hardbacks on my book shelf = 100

(-1, 1 read & 0 received)

(No Change, 1 read & 1 received)

πŸ’œ Other E-books on Kindle = 1095

(+16, see Saturday’s & Friday’s post to see what I have added – I have read 0 this week)

This E-Book figure includes the purchases I have made on offer for 99p.

I will be comparing this each week, although with my reading slowing down this month I think the figures are likely to go up rather than down πŸ˜‚.

NetGalley catch up:

Here are my totals as of today:

πŸ’œ 74 Books approved

πŸ’œ 7 Books on Shelf

πŸ’œ 67 Books Read

πŸ’œ 67 Reviews posted

Feedback Ratio 91%.

(-1%, 0 reviewed & 1 approvals this week)

Hoping to continue with the reading in the evenings this week, as long as I don’t fall asleep. I am ahead of my plan at the moment, so may take it a little easy on the reading this week & catch up on some TV too.😊


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