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About Me

Jenny Lou’s

Book Reviews

My escape from reality, reading books

I am a 36 year old book lover who will give most genres of books a go, although my favourite is crime/thriller and romance.

I live in Essex and I am a mother to a beautiful 8 year old daughter and also work fulltime as a finance assistant for a number of schools, currently working from home.

Although I worked from home throughout lockdown as well as home schooling, I needed something to help my wellbeing during the uncertain times that we were going through. I turned back to my love of books and since then haven’t turned back, remembering how good it felt to escape reality by reading other peoples stories.

I set myself a challenge of 50 books to read this year on Goodreads and so far I am ahead of schedule.

Hope you enjoy my blog and my reviews and it helps suggest books that you yourself could read.

Disclosure Statement

This policy is valid from 4th July 2021.

Jenny Lou’s Book Reviews is my own personal blog and is created and edited by me.

I do receive some books/E-books free in exchange for my personal review, but I am not financially rewarded for these reviews and will always provide an honest review. I will always mark on my posts when I have received a book free of charge.

I do not receive any other advertising or sponsorship where I would gain financially.

All content on this blog is of my own words and is my own opinion.

Any pictures used will be ones I take myself, from Google images and Goodreads.