George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley – Helen Fox

I received a gifted copy of ‘George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley’ by Helen Fox in return for my honest review. When I received the book in the post my first thoughts were that it had a beautiful cover and that just showed what type of book it was going toContinue reading “George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley – Helen Fox”

DS Grace Allendale – Books 1-3 by Mel Sherratt

I first heard of Mel Sherratt when I saw the book ‘Good Girl’, whilst scrolling through twitter. It looked like a book I would really enjoy, so I decided to start at the beginning of the series. I’m so glad I did, and I’m pleased that I already have book 4 in the DS GraceContinue reading “DS Grace Allendale – Books 1-3 by Mel Sherratt”

Source – Rosemary Johnston

I received a gifted e-book copy of the Saga ‘Source’ by Rosemary Johnston in return for my honest review. The story follows Kate, who is lover of words, especially Viking Words. Kate and her daughter return to Kate’s childhood home when her mother dies, to finish sorting through the farm which has been left behind.Continue reading “Source – Rosemary Johnston”

Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell

I received ‘Invisible Girl’ by Lisa Jewell as part of my Lisa Jewell subscription with @Bertsbooks. I love Lisa’s books so I signed up to this subscription, but I must admit I have a unread pile building up now. They are always a pleasure to read so looking forward to reading the rest and completingContinue reading “Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell”

The Package – Sebastian Fitzek

I received ‘The Package’ by Sebastian Fitzek from @Bertsbooks as part of my crime/thriller subscription. Another great choice and a brilliant read. This book follows Emma, the only survivor of the serial killer ‘The hairdresser’. Emma struggles after the ordeal she went through and cannot build up enough courage to leave her house. One dayContinue reading “The Package – Sebastian Fitzek”

The Crying House – Publishing Date 03.08.21

This is just a short post today to say congratulations to B.R. Spangler on the release of ‘The Crying House’. I was lucky to be able to read an ARC copy through NetGalley, provided by @Bookouture. I have posted a link to my review below: My rating: 💜💜💜💜💜/5

Truth be Told – Kia Abdullah

I received a copy of ‘Truth be Told’ by Kia Abdullah as part of my subscription from @Bertsbooks. I have had many good books delivered which I probably wouldn’t have even thought about reading. I had never read any of Kia’s books before, but I must read more as this was excellent. The book isContinue reading “Truth be Told – Kia Abdullah”

Blacktop Wasteland – S.A. Cosby

I received ‘Blacktop Wasteland’ by S.A. Cosby as part of my crime/thriller subscription from @Bertsbooks. Another pick that I may not have chosen myself but surprised me as I loved it. ‘Bug’ Montage is a mechanic who has managed to get out of the world of crime, to settle down with his family. When moneyContinue reading “Blacktop Wasteland – S.A. Cosby”

The Phone Box at the Edge of the World – Laura Imai Messina

I received ‘The Phone Box at the Edge of the World’ by Laura Imai Messina (translated by Lucy Rand) as part of my fiction subscription with @Bertsbooks. The idea of this book is beautiful, and the cover has a delicate, pretty design. The book follows Yui following the death of her mother and daughter inContinue reading “The Phone Box at the Edge of the World – Laura Imai Messina”

We Begin at the End – Chris Whitaker

I finished reading ‘We Begin at the End’ by Chris Whitaker in April, and I was absolutely blown away. I have been nervous to write this review, as I’m not sure I can give it the acclamation it deserves. This book is set in Cape Haven, California and follows Sheriff Walk, Star, her children DuchessContinue reading “We Begin at the End – Chris Whitaker”

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