H Around the World – My daughters Book Page

H Around The World

My Daughters Book Page

We will be posting any books that my daughter and me read and review together on this page.

Review: How to Fix a Rainbow – R.L. Hanslow

Blog Tour Review: Hi, It’s Me! I Have ADHD – Katelyn Mabry

Blog Tour Review: Lucas Twigg’s Truly Terrible Luck – Andy Rigden

Review: The Fast Little Fox – Jill Horton

Review: How to Rest on a Rainbow – R.L. Hanslow

Blog Tour Review: Katy on Broadway – Ella English

Blog Tour Review: Honey Harvest – Elissa Kerr

Blog Tour Review: Davy’s Dragon Castle – Mary & Michael Schmidt

Blog Tour Review: Dreamy Days & Random Naps – Mawson Bear

Blog Tour Review: Princess No Knots – Deborah Dillon

Blog Tour Review: My Animal Family – Michael Botur

Blog Tour Review: Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves – Alex Milway

Big Sky Mountain – Alex Milway

Mike Nero and the Superhero School – Natasha Carlow

Ronin Cleans His Room Like A Ninja – Chris Roy

Hoglets’ Christmas Magic – Lynette Creswell

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