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My book reviews will be short and sweet, with no spoilers. Hope you find something you would like to read.

Review: Life, Slightly – Nigel Jay Cooper

A-Z Challenge Review: The Beloved Girls – Harriet Evans

Review: Friends Don’t Lie – Nell Pattison

A-Z Challenge Review: The Snow Killer – Ross Greenwood

A-Z Challenge Review: Rock Paper Scissors – Alice Feeney

Review: Me & My Shadow – Deborah Stone

Review: Girl Island – Kate Castle

Review: The Santa Killer – Ross Greenwood

Review: You Can Stay – Elle Connel

Review: The Secret Dead Drops of Paris & London – Susan Jane Denman

Review: DS Nikki Parekh Series Books 1-3 – Liz Mistry

Review: Chains – Jon Richter

Review: The Night Watch – Neil Lancaster

A-Z Challenge Review: Shadow of a Doubt – Michelle Davies

A-Z Challenge Review: On the Bright Side – Nell Carter

Review: How to Date a Superhero (And Not Die Trying) – Cristina Fernandez

Review: Clown in a Cornfield 2: Frendo Lives – Adam Cesare

A-Z Review: Snow kills – R.C. Bridgestock

Review: Skip to the End – Molly James

Review: A Disaster in Three Acts – Kelsey Rodkey

Review: Circling Back to You – Julie Tieu

Review: Ride With Me – Lucy Keating

Review: Broken – K.M. Harding

Review: How to Fix a Rainbow – R.L. Hanslow

Review: Scarecrow has a Gun – Michael Paul Kozlowsky

Review: The Night Whispers – Caroline Mitchell

Review: The Cliff House – Chris Brookmyre

Review: Wolf at the Door – Joel McKay

A-Z Review: Everything Happens for a Reason – Katie Allen

The Measure – Nikki Erlick

The Binding Room – Nadine Matheson

Truly Darkly Deeply – Victoria Selman

The Fast Little Fox – Jill Horton

How to Rest on a Rainbow – R L Hanslow

A Stranger on Board – Cameron Ward

We All Have Our Secrets – Jane Corry

Gideon Green in Black and White – Katie Henry

No Place to Run – Mark Edwards

Sad Songs and Gray Dresses – Ruth Mini

Vulnerable in Front of Fiction – Gayle Ramage

Echoes in the Dark – P.L McMillan

The Watchers – John Reid

Meredith Alone – Claire Alexander

The Setup – Lizzy Dent

It Was Always You – Emma Cooper

The People on Platform 5 – Clare Pooley

Beach House Summer – Sarah Morgan

Ice Out – Susan Speranza

The Last Sacrifice – Marc Layton

The Infernal Plan – Marc Layton

Wild Fires – Sophie Jai

The Blood Heritage – Marc Layton

Wrong Place, Wrong Time – Gillian McAllister

A Disturbing Thing Happened Today – Conrad Jones

Message Not Found – Dante Medema

The Demon’s Coven – Marc Layton

A Tidy Ending – Joanna Cannon

No Less the Devil – Stuart MacBride

The Former Boy Wonder – Robert Graham

Dark Voices – Marc Layton

The Patient – Jane Shemilt

Bittersweet – Susan Cain

The Lost Spearhead – Marc Layton

Nobody But Us – Laure Van Rensburg

It Ends At Midnight – Harriet Tyce

The Echo Man – Sam Holland

The Cove – Alice Clark-Platts

Little Nothings – Julie Mayhew

The Two Lilies – Chris Fortunato

Little Rumours – Bryony Pearce

I Couldn’t Wait – Aid Regnillord

A Spoonful of Murder – J.M. Hall

Stepping Up – Sarah Turner

The Nurse – Claire Allan

The Summer We Forgot – Caroline George

You Are Next – Jamie Millen

When She Disappeared – Steph Mullin & Nicole Mabry

56 Days – Catherine Ryan Howard

One For Sorrow – Helen Fields

All Come to Dust – Bryony Rheam

The Hidden Graveyard: The Whisper Investigations Trilogy Book 3 – Marc Layton

Suspended Animation – Carly Rheilan

Nasty Little Cuts – Tina Baker

The Hidden Graveyard: The Whisper Investigations Trilogy Book 2 – Marc Layton

The Gifts – Liz Hyder

The Hidden Graveyard – Marc Layton

The Interview – C.M. Ewan

The Dictator’s Wife – Freya Berry

The Twins – L.V. Matthews

The Wedding Murders – Sarah Linley

You Made Me – Jamie Millen

The Herd – Emily Edwards

We Know You Remember – Tove Alsterdal

The House of Ashes – Stuart Neville

The Start of Something – Miranda Dickinson

The Lighthouse – Fran Dorricott

Ravine Lereux – E. Denise Billups

The Maid – Nita Prose

Her Perfect Twin – Sarah Bonner

The Haunting of Bridge Manor: The Trilogy – Marc Layton

The Alpha – E.J. Findorff

The Perfect Escape – Leah Konen

The Twyford Code – Janice Hallett

You Did This – Jamie Millen

Anything Could Happen – Lucy Diamond

The Unravelling – Polly Crosby

Gold Valley Mysteries (Book 1 & 2) – April Browne

The Dream Catcher – Elizabeth Coffey

Playing Mum – Elizabeth Coffey

And the Little One Said – Elizabeth Coffey

The Arctic Curry Club – Dani Redd

Population Zero – Fran Lewis

The Girl Upstairs – Georgina Lees

Hide – Nell Pattison

Two Turtle Doves – Richard Wall

Running from the Shadows (Book 5) – Faith Blakely

The Life She Wants – Mel Sherratt

Running from the Shadows (Book 4) – Faith Blakely

Blood Notes – Lin Le Versha

Running from the Shadows (Book 3) – Faith Blakely

The Shocking Truths – Chris Vecoh

Contacts – Mark Watson

Running from the Shadows (Book 2) – Faith Blakely

Dreams Lie Beneath – Rebecca Ross

Target Deck – Cameron Curtis

Running From the Shadows (Book 1) – Faith Blakely

Human Tenderloin – Craig Wallwork

The Summer the Air Changed – Padgett Gerler

Let Me Out I’ve Had Enough – Mark Matthews

ékleipsis – the abyss – Tamel Wino

There is no Death, There are no Dead – Multiple Authors

No Child Of Mine – Olga Gibbs

The Midnight Man – Caroline Mitchell

Last Girl Ghosted – Lisa Unger

The Gouge – M.H. David

We Watch You – N.S. Ford

The Beresford – Will Carver

Anywhere Else – Kayla Hicks

Hungry Business – Maria DeBlassie

The Liar’s Child – Sheryl Browne

Good Girl – Mel Sherratt

Go For Broke – Daisy Knox

Lucinda Riley – Two standalone novels

Swindled – S.E. Shepherd

Nothing Important Happened Today – Will Carver

Ralph’s Party – Lisa Jewell

The Appeal – Janice Hallett

Matilda Windsor is Coming Home – Anne Goodwin

This Time Next Year – Sophie Cousens

The Prank – L.V. Matthews

After the Silence – Louise O’Neill

We Are All Liars – Carys Jones

Little Secrets – Jennifer Hillier

My Lies, Your Lies – Susan Lewis

The Silent House – Nell Pattison

Seven Lies – Elizabeth Kay

Kolkata Noir – Tom Vater

Before I Met You – Lisa Jewell

The New Home – Chris Merritt

Watching You – Lisa Jewell

Five Strangers – E.V. Adamson

Final Cut – S J Watson

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley – Helen Fox

DS Grace Allendale series – books 1-3 by Mel Sherratt

Source – Rosemary Johnston

Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell

The Package – Sebastian Fitzek

Truth be Told – Kia Abdullah

Blacktop Wasteland – S.A. Cosby

The Phone Box at the Edge of the World – Laura Imai Messina

We Begin at the End – Chris Whitaker

Where We Belong – Anstey Harris

The Crying House – B.R. Spangler

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Release date 03.08.21

The Lies You Told – Harriet Tyce

The Family Upstairs – Lisa Jewell

Covert Identities- Amabel Daniels

The Jigsaw Man – Nadine Matheson

DI Nick Dixon series, Books 1-3 by Damien Boyd

Petrichor – Melanie Rees

The Devil and the Dark Water – Stuart Turton

People of Abandoned Character – Clare Whitfield

The Vanishing Half – Brit Bennett

The Rule – David Jackson

The Shadow Sister – Lucinda Riley Review

Weddings Coordinated – Lisa S.Gayle

Launched into Eternity – TM Thorne

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