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Jenny Lou’s

Book Reviews

My book reviews will be short and sweet, with no spoilers. Hope you find something you would like to read.

Review: The Silence Project – Carole Hailey

Review: All My Love -Miranda Dickinson

Review: Nine Lives – Peter Swanson

Review: Weyward – Emilia Hart

Review: The Only Suspect – Louise Candlish

Review: The Perfect Match – Dandy Smith

Review: In The Dark – Claire Allan

Review: Mandate Thirteen – Joseph J Dowling

Review: Dead Man’s Creek – Chris Hammer

Review: This Book Kills – Ravena Guron

Review: The Mystery of Four – Sam Blake

Review: They Lie Here – N.S. Ford

Review: The Tip of the Iceberg – David Jarvis

Review: The Blackhouse – Carole Johnstone

Review: Believe – Angie Bailey

Review: The Devil Stone – Caro Ramsay

Review: The Race – John Russo

Review: Just For December – Laura Jane Williams

Review: The Woman at No.13 – C.K. Williams

Review: The People Before – Charlotte Northedge

Review: Mum’s the Word – Lorraine Turnbull

Review: Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise – Lynette Creswell

Review: Max Magic – Stephen Mulhern

A-Z Challenge Review: Then She Was Gone – Lisa Jewell

A-Z Challenge Review: The Idea of You – Robinne Lee

A-Z Challenge Review: The Perfect Stepmother – Karen King

Review: The Call of Cassandra Rose – Sophia Spiers

Review: Stolen Summers – Anne Goodwin

A-Z Challenge Review: The Thicket – Noelle W. Ihli

A-Z Challenge Review: Dead Inside – Noelle Holten

Review: The Toll House – Carly Reagon

Review: Life, Slightly – Nigel Jay Cooper

A-Z Challenge Review: The Beloved Girls – Harriet Evans

Review: Friends Don’t Lie – Nell Pattison

A-Z Challenge Review: The Snow Killer – Ross Greenwood

A-Z Challenge Review: Rock Paper Scissors – Alice Feeney

Review: Me & My Shadow – Deborah Stone

Review: Girl Island – Kate Castle

Review: The Santa Killer – Ross Greenwood

Review: You Can Stay – Elle Connel

Review: The Secret Dead Drops of Paris & London – Susan Jane Denman

Review: DS Nikki Parekh Series Books 1-3 – Liz Mistry

Review: Chains – Jon Richter

Review: The Night Watch – Neil Lancaster

A-Z Challenge Review: Shadow of a Doubt – Michelle Davies

A-Z Challenge Review: On the Bright Side – Nell Carter

Review: How to Date a Superhero (And Not Die Trying) – Cristina Fernandez

Review: Clown in a Cornfield 2: Frendo Lives – Adam Cesare

A-Z Review: Snow kills – R.C. Bridgestock

Review: Skip to the End – Molly James

Review: A Disaster in Three Acts – Kelsey Rodkey

Review: Circling Back to You – Julie Tieu

Review: Ride With Me – Lucy Keating