Anywhere Else – Kayla Hicks

I received a gifted ARC copy of ‘Anywhere Else’ by Kayla Hicks in return for my honest review. I read the description of the book and thought this would be a great book, and I wasn’t wrong. Expected publication date is 24/09/21. This book is narrated by the main character Leena, who is an eighteen-year-oldContinue reading “Anywhere Else – Kayla Hicks”

The Liar’s Child – Sheryl Browne

I received an ARC of ‘The Liar’s Child’ by Sheryl Browne through NetGalley, from Bookouture. This book stood out to me, and I was pleased to be able to read when I got the approval through. The expected publication date is 21/09/21. This book follows Kay, her husband Matt, and their five-year-old daughter Poppy. PoppyContinue reading “The Liar’s Child – Sheryl Browne”

We Are All Liars – Carys Jones

I received an ARC e-book copy of ‘We Are All Liars’ by Carys Jones through NetGalley. Thank you to @Orionbooks for approving my request, I am grateful to be able to have read this advance copy. The expected publishing date is 30/09/2021. Wow!!!! I can’t quite believe what I have just read, this book wasContinue reading “We Are All Liars – Carys Jones”

The Crying House – B.R. Spangler

I received a free ARC e-book copy of ‘The Crying House’ by B.R. Spangler from @Bookouture through NetGalley in return for my honest review. I must be truthful I hadn’t heard of this author before, but I am always on the look out for new crime/thriller writers to read. I saw a post on twitterContinue reading “The Crying House – B.R. Spangler”

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