Seven Lies – Elizabeth Kay

‘Seven Lies’ by Elizabeth Kay was another book I received from my Mum for Christmas. It was one of the books that stood out to me when scrolling through twitter last year. This is Elizabeth’s debut book and is a great read. (Sorry for the picture not the best one I have taken 🤣). ThisContinue reading “Seven Lies – Elizabeth Kay”

Kolkata Noir – Tom Vater

I received a gifted copy of ‘Kolkata Noir’ by Tom Vater in return for my honest review. Before reading I was aware of Calcutta, but I didn’t know that the name had been changed to Kolkata. Since reading the book I have looked at a bit more information and at images, and it looks likeContinue reading “Kolkata Noir – Tom Vater”

Before I Met You – Lisa Jewell

I received ‘Before I Met You’ by Lisa Jewell as part of my author back-order subscription from @BertsBooks. This was very different to the other Lisa Jewell books I have read before, but it was stunning. This book is set in London and follows two women from Guernsey, Arlette, and her step granddaughter Betty. Arlette’sContinue reading “Before I Met You – Lisa Jewell”

The New Home – Chris Merritt

I received a free ARC e-book copy of ‘The New Home’ by Chris Merritt through NetGalley from the publisher @Bookouture. I am grateful for the publisher approving my request and I was excited to read as I have seen this advertised a lot on twitter. The publication date for ‘The New Home’ is: 07/09/21. ThisContinue reading “The New Home – Chris Merritt”

Five Strangers – E.V. Adamson

I received ‘Five Strangers’ by E.V. Adamson as part of my subscription with @Bertsbooks. I had this on my to buy list so I was really looking forward to reading. Five strangers are going about their everyday lives on Kite Hill in Hamstead Heath, London. Suddenly they witness a shocking and violent murder-suicide. One ofContinue reading “Five Strangers – E.V. Adamson”

Final Cut – S J Watson

I received ‘Final Cut’ by S J Watson as part of my crime/thriller subscription from @Bertsbooks. This was in my first subscription package from Berts Book. I had signed up for this after hearing a lot of great comments on twitter. This was a great choice, as I have found to always be the caseContinue reading “Final Cut – S J Watson”

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley – Helen Fox

I received a gifted copy of ‘George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley’ by Helen Fox in return for my honest review. When I received the book in the post my first thoughts were that it had a beautiful cover and that just showed what type of book it was going toContinue reading “George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley – Helen Fox”

DS Grace Allendale – Books 1-3 by Mel Sherratt

I first heard of Mel Sherratt when I saw the book ‘Good Girl’, whilst scrolling through twitter. It looked like a book I would really enjoy, so I decided to start at the beginning of the series. I’m so glad I did, and I’m pleased that I already have book 4 in the DS GraceContinue reading “DS Grace Allendale – Books 1-3 by Mel Sherratt”

Source – Rosemary Johnston

I received a gifted e-book copy of the Saga ‘Source’ by Rosemary Johnston in return for my honest review. The story follows Kate, who is lover of words, especially Viking Words. Kate and her daughter return to Kate’s childhood home when her mother dies, to finish sorting through the farm which has been left behind.Continue reading “Source – Rosemary Johnston”

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