We Know You Remember – Tove Alsterdal

I received an Proof copy of ‘We Know You Remember’ by Tove Alsterdal from the publisher Faber Books. The expected Publishing date is 03.02.22. This book follows Detective Eira Sjödin, in the town of Ådalen as she investigates the death of a local man. The man’s son Olof returns which brings him under suspicion ofContinue reading “We Know You Remember – Tove Alsterdal”

Book Post and Other Book News: 12.11.21

I have mostly been purchasing E-Books this week again which I found on offer for 99p. They were all on my to buy list so I couldn’t resist. I received a surprise package from Faber books too and a few approvals from NetGalley. E-Book Purchases: I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree forContinue reading “Book Post and Other Book News: 12.11.21”

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