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Free E-Books: 26.11.22

This is my weekly post of Free E-Books I have found throughout the week 😊.

I usually find out about these E-Books through social media, through emails I receive from Hello Books and authors newsletters.

In this weekly post, I would like to mention the books I have found and downloaded, so that others may have a chance to be introduced to new authors and the books are promoted before I get a around to reading them.

Hello Books – Amazon:

These books were sourced through emails I received by Hello Books and were purchased for free on Amazon. There are a number of genres to choose through this email service, and I pick the ones which sound like the type of books I would like to read. Please note these were free at the time of this posting on 26.11.22 and in the UK region.

The Cinnamon Snail – Rosemary Whittaker

Genre: Romance

Synopsis from Amazon:

She’s found the love of her life. He just hasn’t realised it yet …

When Christian moves from Copenhagen to London, Kate quickly tumbles into love. He’s the most handsome and charismatic man she’s ever met, and she’s all set for her Happily Ever After.

Until he announces that he’s returning to Copenhagen, and he doesn’t want her to go with him. Nothing Kate can say will change his mind. All she can do is plan a new future without him. And if that future happens to be in Denmark, that’s entirely her own business.

She gets a job at The Cinnamon Snail Cafe and sets out to win Christian back. His new girlfriend is a slight problem – but when true love is on the line, anything goes.

Kate has a year to prove she can settle into a new country and persuade the love of her life she means business. A piece of cake!

Goodreads Rating: 4.16

High Bluffs – Sally Royer-Derr

Genre: Mystery Thriller/Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Joanna Dresden lives an idyllic life in High Bluffs, Maine, running her family inn with her husband and daughter. She’s devastated when her husband is killed in a car accident, leaving her emotionally shaken and vulnerable. The inn they have spent their lives tending no longer interests her, and some unusual occurrences are happening around town.

A relationship develops between Joanna and a younger man, much to her surprise. Rick reawakes her in a way she didn’t realize was possible, but something isn’t quite right in High Bluffs. The dark secrets surrounding her in this supposed idyllic existence have started to surface.

He’s watching her.


Goodreads Rating: 4.07

One More Day – M Malone

Genre: Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads:

I do what I want. I only have one rule: hands off the neighbors.

The single ladies on the block have tried it. I mean, come on. I’m a rich, single dad with a big house and an even bigger… lawn.

But playing where you live is a recipe for trouble. Especially since I’ve got nothing to offer beyond one night/ and a hell of a lot of bitterness.

Then the girl-next-door gets locked out and I can’t exactly leave her outside, right?

This is a bad idea. But it’s going to feel oh so good.

Goodreads Rating: 3.93

Still Crazy – Judy Prescott Marshall

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A loving, strong and passionate wife discovers a handwritten note that has the power to either destroy her or make her stronger yet.

Still Crazy is the story of one woman’s journey through pain, betrayal, and forgiveness as she learns to hold onto her faith and, for the first time in her life trust in herself. Julie Holliday has always had a dream – to be the perfect wife. After she gives her heart to the love of her life, all she wants is for Dan to adore her the way she adores him. With only a high school equivalency in one hand and a fist full of ambition in the other, together they build a million-dollar empire. It seems Julie and Dan have a fairytale life – that is, until the day she realizes her love is not enough to stop Dan from having what she suspects is numerous affairs.

Goodreads Rating: 4.24

15 Minutes – Larissa Reinhart

Genre: Cozy Mystery/Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads:


Three Teen Choice Awards, One Emmy Nomination, and several Maxim covers later, Maizie Albright was an ex-teen star, stuck in reality show hell, and standing before a California judge.

She has one chance for a new life: return home to Black Pine, Georgia, and get a job that has nothing to do with show business.

So why not become the character she played during the happiest days of her life — a private detective.

​​Great. Except Maizie’s got 10 days to land the job to keep her probation.

10 days to convince the only private investigator in town, Wyatt Nash, to hire her. A man who could use some help.

But not, it seems, from a fallen celebrity.

10 days to shake the reality show that’s followed her to Georgia. A show that seems intent on ruining her chances for a new life.

Because prison time gets better ratings.

10 days to convince herself she’s not falling in love with Nash. A (really hot) man who doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.

But what else is new?

10 days to figure out what happened to the wife of Nash’s client. The woman Maizie was tailing for the client without Nash knowing.

Although the wife’s killer knows. Because now they want to kill Maizie, too.

What will 10 days cost Maizie? Other than imprisonment, her dignity, and maybe her life?

Goodreads Rating: 4.03

The Way to Remember – Martha Reynolds

Genre: YA/Contemporary

Synopsis from Amazon:

Set in New England at the time of the American Bicentennial, The Way to Remember is the poignant story of a displaced young woman struggling to figure out who she is within the context of her hometown and the carefully masked dysfunction of her family. “Everything can be fixed by writing a check.” Words to live by for Robin Fortune’s wealthy father, until he can’t buy her way back into college after she’s expelled for dealing pot. Now he chooses not to speak to her anymore, but that’s just one of the out-of-whack situations Robin’s facing. At nineteen, she feels rudderless, working in a diner by day and sleeping with a buddy from high school by night – all so strange for her because she was always the one with the plan. While her college friends plotted how to ensnare husbands, she plotted a novel, which she scratched out into a series of spiral-bound notebooks she hides in the closet. But now, there’s nothing. No vision, no future, no point. In fact, the only thing she feels she has to look forward to is that her favorite author, Maryana Capture, is paying a visit to the local Thousand Words bookstore. Robin surmises that if she can convince Maryana to help her get her novel published, she’ll finally get herself back on track. Except that life never takes a straight path in this intensely satisfying coming-of-age novel.

Goodreads Rating: 4.06

The Voice – T.M. Goble

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Synopsis from Amazon:

Covering her past has been easy. Ensuring it stays there is a different matter. The opportunity seems too good to be true. The sparkle in Aaron’s eyes when they first met showed the desire for her body. He would be easy to manipulate.

Dan, Sadie and Simon would be no problem for her. Rejecting them socially created tensions but she didn’t care. Only that damned bracelet could stop her plan. Can she find the secrets in their background before they discover hers? Or will someone make sure she fails?

Goodreads Rating: N/A

Social Media finds:

When scrolling through Facebook & Twitter sometimes I find out about free E-books available. Sometimes these are through Amazon other times they are through newsletter sign ups. Please note again these were available free at the time I obtained them, they may not be free now.

Say Goodbye When I’m Gone – Stephen J. Golds

(Currently £0.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Source: Facebook Post – Amazon Purchase

Genre: Crime/Historical

Synopsis from Goodreads:

1949: Rudy, A Jewish New Yorker snatches a briefcase of cash from a dead man in Los Angeles and runs away from his old life, into the arms of the Boston mob.

1966: Hinako, a young Japanese girl runs away from what she thought was the suffocating conformity of a life in Japan. Aiming to make a fresh start in America, she falls into the grip of a Hawaiian gang dubbed ‘The Company’.

1967: Rudy and Hinako’s lives collide in the city of Honolulu, where there is nowhere left for either of them to run, and only blood to redeem them.

Goodreads Rating: 4.69

Saying Goodbye Forever – H. Pearce

(Currently £2.55 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Source: Book Cave Email Newsletter – Amazon Purchase

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Gemma’s life changed in an instant when four years ago, her husband Jack was killed in a drunk driving accident. In her mid-forties, surrounded by a modern age society, she falls into a recluse lifestyle, tormented by the ghosts Jack left behind.

After an instant connection grows between her and Lewis, a talented surgeon with a heart of gold, Gemma finds herself conflicted with nowhere to turn.

As the questions about her new relationship overwhelm her, so do the buried thoughts of Jack and the abuse sustained by his hands. Faced with the reality she has to let him go or risk surrendering the life she’d regained, Gemma is faced with one option.

To say goodbye forever or forever be alone.

Goodreads Rating: 4.34

Life According to Jules – L.E. Young

(Currently £1.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Source: Facebook Post – Amazon Purchase

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Former junior surfing champion Asher Franklin faithfully follows the life advice left to her in a video message from her late mother Jules. Jules’s advice, which transformed Asher from tracksuit worshiping tomboy to bona fide glamazon, includes dating rules guaranteed to land the perfect man.

Ex pro surfer Billy Jarvis is not that man. Sexy as hell, but broke and with a struggling surfboard making business, Billy is everything Jules warned her against. Asher is determined to keep him at arm’s length but when her family pressure her to enter a charity surfing competition, fear of humiliation forces her to accept Billy’s offer to coach her.

As the flame of her competitive spirit reignites and her feelings for Billy grow, Asher begins to question the motherly advice that has shaped her. Can she find her way back to the ‘real’ Asher or will she lose her chance to find genuine love and the opportunity to fight for the surfing career that was once her destiny?

Goodreads Rating: 4.33

Kind of Book – Amazon

I have found another new notification site for free e-books, which you then purchase through Amazon. The site is Kind of Book, the link is for the UK site but they also have a site for the US and DE too which you can access from this link. Once again these were free when I purchased but they may not be now. I receive daily emails with deals, this is what I have found so far that has taken my interest:

Deadly Remedies – Candy Denman

(Currently £1.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Crime/Mystery

Synopsis from Amazon:

Two elderly people passing is an unremarkable occurrence in the British seaside town of Hastings, and certainly not unusual for police doctor and medical examiner Callie Hughes.

But what bothers her inquisitive nature is that both individuals had recently packed a suitcase. Not the obvious actions of those with one foot in the grave.

Exploring further, Callie’s colleagues find irregularities in the bloods of one of the deceased, but having been cremated, the other individual is beyond reach.

Her concerns dismissed by the obstructive, former romantic interest, DI Steve Miller, who can see no link between the deaths, Callie is side-lined and left to deal with a new trainee at the surgery who is proving hard to handle.

If only Callie would rest her case, peace might return. But she is convinced a killer is out there, and won’t stop nosing until she proves it.

Goodreads Rating: 4.56

Dead Woman Crossing – Jeneva Rose

(Currently £1.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Synopsis from Amazon:

She threw open the door, running to the crib. When she looked inside, she gasped. The world around her went silent. Inside, there was nothing but a small stuffed elephant. Where was her baby?

When young, single mother Hannah is found murdered by the banks of a twisting Oklahoma creek, her one-year-old daughter sleeping in a stroller near her body, the small town of Dead Woman Crossing reels in horror.

Detective Kimberley King, recently relocated from New York to Oklahoma, with her young daughter Jessica, can’t ignore the similarity of Hannah’s death to the case of Katie James, the woman that the town of Dead Woman Crossing is named after. Katie was murdered in front of her small daughter in 1905, on the banks of the same creek, and it seems that someone is drawing inspiration from the crime. Could this killer be a copycat?

But as she interviews suspects, Kimberley is met with blank faces and closed lips. In a small town, people won’t talk and when she pursues a promising lead, her own family turn their back on her. Kimberley isn’t afraid to ask questions, but when she receives a threatening note, she realises that, as a single mother to a young daughter, she might be putting herself dangerously in the killer’s sights …

Goodreads Rating: 4.00

Long Lost – James Scott Bell

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Lawyer Steve Conroy has one last chance to overcome the past that has haunted him for twenty-five years. But he’ll learn that the present can be darker than any nightmare he’s ever had.

At the age of five, Steve Conroy saw his seven-year-old brother kidnapped from the bedroom they shared. His brother was never found. And the guilt of his silence that night has all but destroyed Steve’s life.

Now thirty years old with a failing law practice, Steve agrees to represent a convicted criminal, Johnny LaSalle, who has ties to a notorious family—and some information that threatens to blow Steve’s world apart.

Desperate for his final shot at professional success, Steve will do anything to find the truth. But Johnny knows far more than he’s telling, and the secrets he keeps have deadly consequences. Now Steve must depend on an inexperienced law student whose faith seems to be his last chance at redemption from a corrupt world where one wrong move may be his last.

Goodreads Rating: 4.07

True Crime Case Histories Book 1 – Jason Neal

Genre: True Crime/Non-Fiction

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Eight True Crime Stories of Murder & Mayhem First Book of the True Crime Case Histories Series (2019) A quick word of warning. The true crime short stories within this book are unimaginably gruesome. Most news stories, television crime shows and true crime documentaries tend to leave out the most horrible details about murder cases simply because they are too extreme for the general public.

I have done my best to include full details of these stories no matter how sickening they may be. In these true crime stories you’ll find that truth really is stranger and vastly more disturbing than fiction.

In my first book as a true crime author I’ve started with a few of the stories that have haunted me for some time. Some of these stories are unbelievable in their brutality while others are astounding in the stupidity of the killers.

This collection of stories are from all around the globe and have no common thread between them other than that they are both thought provoking and disturbing.

The stories included in this anthology are dark and creepy and will leave you with a new understanding of just how fragile the human mind can be.

The stories include: Fred Grabbe, James Patterson Smith, Dr. John Schneeberger, Chris Coleman, Michelle Bica, Mary Bell, Graham Dwyer, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris (The Toolbox Killers).

Goodreads Rating: 4.04

A Moment on the Lips – J Taylor

Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Escape this summer with the care assistants of Elm Lodge with this relatable, laugh-out-loud funny, and completely heart-warming debut by J Taylor.

Join Etta, Val, Jenna, Nicky and Yana on their laugh-out-loud and truly uplifting journey of love, fresh starts, and unlikely friendships.

Because it’s never too late to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Meet the Ladies of A Moment on the Lips:

Etta has had enough. At 5 ft 3 and size 20, she is determined to make a change. A change for herself, her daughter and also a tiny bit to show her ex, Robert, that she is in fact not only good enough for him but in fact far too good.

Jenna is being driven mad by her mother-in-law’s critical and overbearing personality. And with her wedding fast approaching, she’s determined to regain control of both her body and her big day.

Val is feeling lost and in shock after her husband of thirty years has upped and left her. Why? Good question. Val really has no idea, but she’s determined to find out.

Nicky has been on a downward spiral since her divorce. Struggling to move on, and lonely with only her cats for company, food has become her best friend.

Yana has new life in England. Despite marital bliss being everything she’d hoped for, Yana misses her family back in Russia and has developed some new habits that even her new husband isn’t unaware of.

A feel-good, and completely heart-warming debut, that proves all we really need in life is a few good friends.

Goodreads Rating: 4.35

First Cut – J.T. Bishop

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A serial killer returns to taunt the woman once determined to catch him.

In this gripping thriller, former detective Jill Jacobs must confront the Makeup Artist, an elusive psychopath whose trail of terror left seven dead and whose obsession almost destroyed her.

When the Artist strikes again in a new city, Detectives Gordon Daniels and Aaron Remalla must find the woman whose strange psychic connection to the killer is their best hope to catch him.

Desperate and afraid, Jill’s only chance to find closure is to confront the man who stalked her and his grizzly crimes. But there’s a catch. She must return to the mindset that bound her to him. The mindset the killer still seeks from her.

But choosing to help Daniels and Remalla will not only risk her life but also her heart, when she falls for one of them, drawing the attention of the man she’s driven to capture.

After losing everything, can she find the courage to face the murderer who took it all away, and who is eager to do it again?

Goodreads Rating: 4.43

A Ghoulish Midlife – Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Moving home isn’t in the game plan.

Ava Harper had aspirations for her forties. None included using her Necromancy powers to solve murders.

As much as she doesn’t want to move back to Maine, she can’t spend another day in the empty, depressing house with the memory of her dead husband. It’s time for a new plan. Time to start over and learn to live again.
When she arrives to clean out her Auntie’s house, old memories settle in. She remembers why she loves it there. It’s home. However, things change. People change and leave. Shipton Harbor isn’t the small town she grew up in.

When an old friend turns up dead, Ava must delve deep into the powers she’d repressed all her adult life to find the killer. Only a necromancer could’ve killed her friend.

Now she must be the necromancer who finds his murderer.

Goodreads Rating: 4.32

Fortune Academy – J.R. Thorn

Genre: YA/NA/Paranormal/Fantasy

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Welcome to Fortune Academy, a school where supernaturals can feel at home—except, I have no idea what the hell I am.

The last thing I remember is arriving at the massive gates with a Bounty Hunter staring me down. I have a feeling he was supposed to take me to the monster holding arena to fight and die. Instead, I’m Fortune Academy’s newest student.

I can relate to the monsters in ways the other students can’t. My mentor, who is way too hot for his own good, tells me my behavior is the result of my memory loss and that I’m just trying to identify with a past pain that I’ve buried too far to feel. I think he’s wrong. I think the reason I can’t relate to any of the students is because I’m one of the monsters they’re trained to kill.

I don’t fit into any of the supernatural cliques, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting bullies. A brawny alpha shifter, a moody dark mage, and a playboy demi-god have decided to break me. They think I don’t have any powers and that I was recruited by mistake. It’ll be their funeral if they push me too far, because this girl isn’t taking any of their shit.

My name is Lily Fallen, but don’t let my pretty face fool you. I’m a monster in a school uniform and it’s only a matter of time before I teach my bullies a lesson they won’t forget.

Goodreads Rating: 3.99

Sorrowful Road – Alex Maclean

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Halifax Homicide Detective Allan Stanton has been haunted for the last year by one case he couldn’t close: the brutal murder of a pretty twenty-two-year-old in Point Pleasant Park. On the anniversary of her death, the body of another young woman is found. The MO suggests the same person killed them both, but the long gap between murders is unusual for a serial killer.

Fellow detective Audra Price joins Stanton in the search for this ruthless predator. But neither is prepared to handle such a unique brand of psychopath. Over a decade of unsolved case files turn up a swath of carnage, cut all across Canada with bone-chilling efficiency. The only way to bring justice to the victims is by following the most horrifying trail of their careers—to a monster who knows he’s being hunted.

Goodreads Rating: 4.31

The Story of Us – Melody Grace

Genre: Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Natalie Diaz believes that life is sweet. It’s why she’s leaving heartbreak behind to start a delicious new chapter: opening her dream candy store on Cape Cod. Goodbye, break-up blues, hello, handmade chocolate truffles! She’s determined to make her fresh start count, which means no drama, and definitely no distractions—especially not from the mouthwateringly-handsome stranger who keeps crossing her path…

Luke Kinsella wasn’t planning on falling head over heels the moment he stepped foot in Sweetbriar Cove. With his business on the rocks, love is the last thing on his mind, but one look at the mysterious brunette sends his pulse racing… And when he tries her sinfully-sweet candies, he knows one taste will never be enough. He’s used to women swooning into his arms, but Natalie is different. Sure, Luke’s smile makes her knees melt faster than chocolate in the midday sun, but she’s been hurt before. She’s determined to resist the heat burning between them and stay just friends. But as their connection deepens, their red-hot chemistry becomes impossible to ignore.

Can Natalie take a chance and trust her heart again? And when the past she’s been running from finally catches up with them both, will these two hearts find a way to build a new future together, or will their sugar rush bring them both crashing back down to earth?

Goodreads Rating: 4.57

I hope you find something that takes your fancy 😊

I only download books that I like the look of the synopsis, and once I have cleared down some of the NetGalley books I am going to be adding 1 or 2 of my E-Books to my TBR each month.


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