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Suspended Animation – Carly Rheilan

Today I am posting my review for this months quick bite which I received from Henry Roi PR . This month it is ‘Suspended Animation’ by Carly Rheilan. Thank you for the review copy I received.

About the Author:

Author Bio –

Carly Rheilan was born in Malta and lives in the UK. She was educated in Oxford University (which she hated and left) and then at Brunel (a small-town technological university where she stayed for a PhD). She is a psychiatric nurse. She has done research into criminal justice and taught in universities. She has children of her own and has also fostered children with mental health problems. She has worked many years in the NHS, in secure units and prisons.

When she is not writing, reading, editing and reviewing novels (she fondly refers to this indulgence as “a job”) she spends her free time promoting prison reform, ranting about our unequal society, and pulling up nettles in a community garden.

Her own novels and other writings address issues at the edges of psychiatry, crime and personal trauma.

Author Links:

About Suspended Animation

  • Purchase link:
  • Genre:  Prison noir
  • Print length: 8 pages
  • Age range: This is an adult story but suitable for mature teenagers 16+
  • Amazon Rating: New publication
  • Trigger warnings: Assault; homicide and suicide references

About Suspended Animation

Prison time hangs heavy. Prison life is not kind. There is a corruption in it. There is no redemption.

But everyone needs a break. Everyone needs a friend.

My Review:

I received a review copy of ‘Suspended Animation’ by Carly Rheilan from Henry Roi PR in return for my honest review.

This Short Story is set in a prison & shows the thoughts and feelings of the inmate narrator.

It starts off with them talking to a spider in the cell & then moves to a darker and deeper storyline.

I found this story very dark and a little bit creepy in a way, when the desperation of the narrator is revealed.

Overall, a short story with a creepy and sad feeling.

My Rating:

💜💜💜 /5


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