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56 Days – Catherine Ryan Howard

I received a proof copy of ‘56 Days’ by Catherine Ryan Howard from the publisher Corvus Books. The expected Paperback Publishing date is 03.03.22.

This book follows Ciara and Oliver in Dublin, when they suddenly meet in a supermarket and then start dating.

Things seem to be going really well but then COVID 19 strikes and they have to make a difficult decision.

They decide to move in together, so they can continue to get to know each other.

56 Days later a body is found in Oliver’s flat, and detectives are called to investigate.

Who has died? Was it an accident?

I really enjoyed reading this book, the way it goes backwards and forwards through the characters and timescales to give you an insight into each person’s view and keeps the intensity going. There are certainly many secrets being kept.

I did relate to the situation, as I had just started dating again around this time, and it was and still is a difficult time for everyone.

Although this is set in lockdown, it isn’t just all the doom and gloom as it is mainly the mystery behind what is happening that keeps your attention. Although there were some parts it made me smile or think back to the first-time lockdown was announced.

I have another book from this author so I am looking forward to reading as I can see that she is a great writer.

Overall, a brilliant and intense crime thriller that will keep you guessing the whole way through.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜.5 /5


7 thoughts on “56 Days – Catherine Ryan Howard

  1. Fabulous review, Jenny. I keep thinking what other creepy things have happened during the lockdown, that we won’t know about for a long time to come.

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