Source – Rosemary Johnston

I received a gifted e-book copy of the Saga ‘Source’ by Rosemary Johnston in return for my honest review.

The story follows Kate, who is lover of words, especially Viking Words.

Kate and her daughter return to Kate’s childhood home when her mother dies, to finish sorting through the farm which has been left behind.

The feelings that overwhelm her in this situation of being back ‘home’ and all the memories which flood back to her, make this an emotional read.

I admit that I didn’t know about Viking words before reading this saga, and there were parts that really made me think about the uses of our language.

I love that Kate has always wanted to be ‘free’ and the way she wants her daughter to follow her in this way.

Overall, an emotional, uplifting saga which shows that the memories in your past don’t stop you from being ‘free’.


💜💜💜.5 /5

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