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Monthly Wrap Up: September 2021

I set myself the challenge of reading 5 ARC/Review books over September and had a list of 5 Paperbacks to read if I had the time. With going back to work, I have had less time to read but I still managed to complete 6 ARC/Review books (not all on my original TBR list) and 3 Paperbacks. Most of these have had reviews posted already, and the rest will be posted closer to their publishing dates.

Paperback books completed:

Here are the 3 paperback’s I completed in September 2021, the links for the reviews are clickable from the book title:

💜 Good Girl – Mel Sherrat

💜 The Beresford – Will Carver

💜 The Gouge – MH David

ARC E-Books and Review Requests:

Here are the 6 books I have read on my kindle which are from NetGalley or I was approached to review. All of these books were gifted to me in return for my honest review:

Go For Broke – Daisy Knox

Available to purchase now.

Review posted here.

The Midnight Man – Caroline Mitchell

Expected publication date 13/10/21.

Review to posted a week before the publication date.

Hungry Business – Maria DeBlassie

Available to purchase now

Review posted here.

We Watch You – N.S. Ford

Expected Publication date 01/10/21.

Review posted here.

Last Girl Ghosted – Lisa Unger

Expected Publication date 05/10/21.

Review to posted here.

The Perfect Daughter – Alex Stone

Expected Publication date 19/10/21.

Review to be posted as part of the blog tour 29/10/21.

My Books of the month:

This is a really hard choice this month, as it is every month. I have chosen one paperback and one Review request:

💜 The Gouge by MH David

💜 Hungry Business – Maria DeBlassie

This was an amazing month for books, and looking forward to next month’s reading. I have a busy plan for my TBR over the next few months, so hopefully I will be able to keep up. I am not going to moan or complain though as I have been lucky with the ARC/Requests I have received.

Thank you all for reading 💕

Are there any of these books you have read or are looking forward to reading?


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