Good Girl – Mel Sherratt

‘Good Girl’ by Mel Sherratt is the fourth book in the DS Grace Allendale Series. I have read this whole series from book 1 and have enjoyed every minute of reading all about Grace and her estranged family the Steeles.

You can read the reviews of the first three books in this series here.

This book follows DS Grace Allendale, in the city of Stoke which was where she lived as a child.

Erin Ellis is attacked and dies in a suspected mugging gone wrong; she is with her best friend Molly at the time.

Molly and Erin have grown up together since they were born and are inseparable, so this devastating attack causes pain and heartbreak to both families involved.

Grace must investigate to find the killer and bring closure to these distraught families. Having to delve into the local community’s secrets and push through her own traumatic childhood.

Will she catch Erin’s killer in time and what will be the consequences?

I really enjoyed reading this book, the same as I have the whole series. I love Grace’s character and how much she cares about the victims and their families.

It is also nice to see that her relationship with Simon and her colleagues has developed too, she seems settled back into the city now.

I heard from Mel Sherratt on twitter that this will be the last book in this series, which is sad to hear as it has been a great series. I will certainly be trying out more books from this author though, especially Ten Days and the Detective Allie Shenton series.

Overall, a brilliant, intense gripping thriller with a strong female lead.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜.5 /5

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